Doug takes a FaceBook stand against religious zealots!

September 28, 2011

Doug “shared” this picture today on his FaceBook page.

It’s funny, right?

But then someone who obviously did not read the sign properly posted this:

Nothing to laugh about, in these times you better have some kind of faith and talking about God is not a bad thing for our kids they get it better than adults do. Its a shame more dont have there kids in bible school on Sundays . Kids love religion and when they dont they will tell you its nothing that has to be shoved down anyones throat.”

Doug went on a rant that is awesome! Naturally, I have to share it.

Kids believe in Santa Claus too. They love make believe. They DON’T love religion, they love fantasy stories…fighting giants, magically parting the sea, serpents with multiple heads. In these times you need to take responsiblity for your own actions and do something, you don’t need ‘faith’ that leaves you waiting for some fictional being to resolve your problems. Religion doesn’t educate a child, it programs him. There are some good morals buried in the religious antecdotes, but to believe that there is a single omniscient, omnipotent being that judges each and every person’s individual actions, good or bad, when good and bad are subjective and matters of perspective, is just absolutely and undeniably insane at best. Who gives its job performance revue, huh? Who created so called God, a greater God? Why would a god create beings that have to eat other living beings to survive, as some animals do not have the choice to be vegetarians…and quite honestly, plants are also living things. Christians think the natives need to drop their crazy multi god beliefs as being heathen, and then turn around and worship a god of their own…the Catholics go one step further and re-create multiple dieties and call them saints. At the very least, giving yourself over to “God” is a sign that you couldn’t take responsibility for your own actions or control your own life and needed to remove yourself from the guilt involved with the failure of handling that responsibility. If you need that crutch, and some people do, and it makes you get through your own life, then I’m all for it (for that individual privately.) But the next person that tries to shove God down my throat is going to start a fucking war. I’m sick to death of it, and I for one am just not going to tolerate it any more, and am going to assume that any attempt to convert me is a sign of aggression, as people threaten me with going to hell if I don’t succumb to the delusion (and that, quite franky, is a fucking threat.) Religion is generally real events having been misinterpreted by stupid people. Christianity didn’t even start until 200 years after Christ died. Most people can’t recall what happened yesterday accurately, let alone 200 years ago. That Catholic church admittedly hides certain historic texts from the general public…that’s fucking evil right there, hiding history. Religions are the most profitable institutions on the planet. No organization has a worse reputation for molesting children than the Christian/Catholic churches. No organization, incuding the Nazis, have a worse reputation for slaughtering people who did not believe what they believe than Christianity and other religions. It is a plague on our society that keeps people from pursuing the truth, and it is as contagioius and deadly as the black death.”

What is left to say after that???

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4 comments on “Doug takes a FaceBook stand against religious zealots!

  1. Dawson says:

    More Wars have been waged in the name of God than for any other reason. God’s people always seem to want something their neighbors have, “Love thy neighbor, but kill the heretic’s next door.”

    Any parent who forces any child under 21 years of age to go to any Church or “Bible” school should be turned in for “Child Abuse.”

    The whole reason we are in the Economic mess we are in today is because the Religious Right voted for Politicians who ran on “Moral Christian” values of anti-abortion and school prayer but then sold the religious right out along with the rest of the country sending the religious rights’ and everybody Else’s manufacturing jobs and our economic base to Communist Red China.

    It’s the Religious Right who gave the Farm away to the Dragon!

  2. Lydia Lee says:

    It does finally make you get angry and feel threatened and consider the child abuse possibilities just because it makes no sense whatsoever.

  3. Dawson says:

    October 21st, 2011 is the next Rapture date predicted by Cretins, ‘er “Christians.”

    Brian and I continue to work on our next “Rapture” project(s).

    I was a Horribly Bad Person yesterday. Actually typing a message to Brian at the time, when “Hospice” sent a female Minister over to do their mandatory religious visit and talk to Dad about “Now that you know you’re going to die real soon what are your feelings about not burning in Hell when you die.”

    So as she left I smiled and gave her a pocket folder with my Nostradamus short story “The Apocryphon” in it.

    The Apocryphon (a “secret book,” or book of “the secret”) is guaranteed to fuck with any religious person’s head who actually reads it (most put it down after they start seeing things they don’t like, and never pick it up again), because I’m actually quoting Bible (and Kabbalah, as well as the lost Gospel of Thomas) passages that they don’t even suspect are in their own Bible that expose “the book of Revelation” as an occult esoteric treatise and not a book of “prophecy” at all.

    If she has any adult reading comprehension skills (probably not, after all she became a Minister which absolutely means she doesn’t know what is written in the Bible itself–no adult can actually read the Bible and still attend Church) maybe it will destroy her “Christian” “Description of Reality.”

    They go on and on and on about “Christ” this and “Christ” that and Jesus, the man, was never appointed/anointed as an Official Jewish King or High Priest, both offices whose title was a “Messiah” or “Anointed One” (or in the greek idiom a “Christ”). All the Jewish Kings (to include the Persian king Cyrus the Great according to the book of Isaiah) were “Christs” in the Old Testament.

    “Christian” Bible translators didn’t want the words “Christ” or “Messiah” describing kings and high priests being found in the Old Testament so they always, always, always translate the hebrew word as “Anointed One.”

    This is lying by omission. There are plenty of “Christs” all through the Bible, Jesus just doesn’t happen to be one of them except to his own Cult.

    But Jesus never was an Official King or High Priest, so he never was an actual “Christ/Messiah/Anointed One.” He was just a small Cult leader. The “Death & Resurrection” stories about a “Messiah” were already in existence well before Jesus’ time and only applied to Jesus by his Cult followers after his death .

    You should get the “The Apocryphon” manuscript out of your folder I sent (white out the cartoon on the cover sheet and the Memphis address on page 1) and mail a copy to Shelley Lubben’s (I’ve read up on your JM site) brother and suggest he, not you, give it to her.

    It probably won’t do her any good, but maybe it will help her brother to understand just how ill informed churchy people are to what is in their own Bible. You have my permission to either scan or copy “The Apocryphon” and send it to anybody. I just sent a copy off to a media person last week whom wanted to know more about how some Old Testament Bible characters were not even real people, but a literary “mnemonic device” only to be understood by the Ancient Order of “Nazarite initiates” and not the general public. That’s Old Testament “Nazarites” from the book of Judges, not some New Testament guy imagined to be from “Nazareth.” The “Christian” bastards couldn’t even keep straight the ideas they were stealing from the Old Testament, just like they couldn’t keep straight Jesus’ genealogy.

    And if they were lying about Jesus’ Family Tree in Matthew & Luke, what else were they lying about?

  4. Brian M says:

    That is awesome, both Doug’s rant and the sign.

    My head is swimming with a rant of my own but I can’t really focus well enough to write it down. Perhaps some other time.

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