Doing Sh!t with Doug: Living Around L.A., part 3

February 10, 2012

This is my favorite of the three-part documentary-style video of Doug showing us the various places he’s lived, in and around Los Angeles.

Here we follow Doug from Huntington Beach to Sherman Oaks to West Hollywood. It’s a bit faster paced than the others and there’s a short blooper reel at the end–lol. It’s fun and Doug is always engaging. :)

Happy Friday!!

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3 comments on “Doing Sh!t with Doug: Living Around L.A., part 3

  1. Jump says:

    So was that performance anxiety in the outtakes?

  2. Lydia Lee says:

    No. LOL Well, only a bit. People kept popping up and it was our very first shot ever for the series. I kept making him redo it, too. :o

  3. Alex says:

    ‘Eddie almost burned me with a cigarette running thru the liquor store’ is way better than ‘threw me a pick… ‘ p.r. crap. Stories from ‘Los Andia’ Vrry cool :) I’ll check out the next one.

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