Award Weekend: about The Independent Spirit Awards and The Oscar’s

February 27, 2012

I am not sure The Oscar’s could have been more perfect. Minus a colorful [I'm sure] expletive I couldn’t hear delivered from a gentleman in the Best Documentary win for “Undefeated”, and a very minor Cirque du Soleil spill, it was flawless. Of course, I wouldn’t know how perfect it was by comparing it to past shows because I haven’t watched every show, but this year’s was great in so many ways. Nonetheless, I have to give my ‘Award Weekend Highlight’ to Seth Rogen–host of The Independent Spirit Awards–for his very funny dig at Brett Ratner, The Grammy’s and Chris Brown.

Brett Ratner directed “The Heist” and the “Rush Hour” movies and was producing the 84th Annual Academy Awards telecast, but because he said “rehearsal is for fags,” during an interview, he resigned.

Seth Rogen made an incredible segue from Brett Ratner to The Grammy’s in his opening monologue:

I have to say, seriously though, of all the four seasons, there is no season better than Award Season. It is truly spectacular. Without Award Season how would the world know how much we appreciate each other’s work? [laughs] We need to let them know that. Without Award Season we would not know what good friends Clooney and Brad Pitt are. It’s nice to see them in a social environment. I wouldn’t know the name of Alexander Payne’s publicist. That would suck.

Most of all, without Award Season, we wouldn’t know what a horrible bigot Brett Ratner is. Which is… it’s good. Good to know. That Ratner shit was crazy. That was nuts. Are we really surprised that he said that, though? Honestly? Come on. Who was like, ‘Ratner? [laughing] I thought Ratner was Mr. PC… That’s weird!’ I honestly bet though that Brett Ratner really wishes that he was organizing The Grammy’s because they seem much more forgiving than The Oscar’s, altogether. Seriously, you say a few hateful things, they don’t let you within a few hundred yards of The Oscar’s. You can literally beat the shit out of a nominee, they ask you to perform twice at The Grammy’s.”

Ha!!! That was a well-deserved dig. Best moment all weekend, hand’s down.

Rogen went on to make some funny comments about Michael Fassbender’s penis appearance in “Shame”.

Shame was an amazing movie. You guys see that? That was great. I’m so psyched for Michael Fassbender because, like I’ve gotten some acclaim for my work in a movie; I’ve gotten no acclaim for my dick in a movie. He’s getting serious dick acclaim, this guy. It’s pretty amazing. His dick is the talk of the town. It’s incredible. But what I think is sad is that his dick is getting all the focus–his balls are totally being left out of the equation. They’re the real supporting cast there. They’re quite literally being overshadowed by his dick. His bush is fantastic, also.”

Seth killed and The Independent Spirit Awards, overall, was very entertaining.

I just have to say, for anyone who would scoff at a silent film, I accidentally caught “Our Daily Bread” one night, years ago, on television, and that is a silent film I would watch repeatedly if I could. I’ve tried to locate it, but my guess is that if Netflix doesn’t offer “Mr. Frost” or “Knight Moves” in its movie rental collection, I will never get my hands on that silent film. It took years to find and buy “The American Dreamer” from an Amazon seller, so… Anyway, a good movie is a good movie and it doesn’t matter whether it’s a talkie or not. Charlie Chaplin? Buster Keaton? Hello!!

And what about the French undercurrent this year? Francophile that I am, I was thrilled. Cirque du Soleil, the fact that “The Artist” was directed by a Frenchman and starred a Frenchman. “Midnight in Paris” won for Original Screenplay (Oscar’s), “The Artist” won for Best Director (Oscar’s and Spirit Awards), Best Leading Actor (Oscar’s and Spirit Awards) and Best Picture (Best Feature at Spirit Awards) with Michel Hazanavicius, Jean Dujardin and Thomas Langmann. It also won for Best Cinematographer at The Independent Spirit Awards–Giome Shipman.

Other highlights include eighty-two-year-old Christopher Plummer taking both Best Supporting Actor awards. Garfunkel and Oates played during The Independent Spirit Awards, and while I loved Billy Crystal’s opening number covering the Best Picture nominees (Billy is always great!), Garfunkel and Oates’ original and quirky song was awesome. If I could reproduce it on this site somehow, I would. It was very funny. That’s their whole thing. Funny, to music.

Brett McKenzie of Flight of the Conchords won for Original Song at The Oscar’s, which was so very cool. Go New Zealand! John Williams had to feel a bit weird being nominated twice in the same category for Best Original Score and not winning (another “The Artist” win). “Hugo” won tons of awards and every one of its winners gushed over Martin Scorsese, as well they should. Octavia Spencer gave the most heartfelt thank you for Best Supporting Actress at The Oscar’s and Meryl Streep seemed positively put-off about winning for Best Actress… until she took the stage and started her thank you’s. Who’s better than Meryl Streep, I ask you?

Patton Oslwalt appeared in an ‘About Films and Filmmaking’ montage for The Oscar’s that let out an inner SQUEEEEE!!! deep in my heart region. The Oscar’s ”In Memoriam” was elegant and tasteful, ending with Elizabeth Taylor, and both shows have left me anxious to see “The Separation”, “A Cat in Paris” (animation), “Take Shelter” and “Margin Call”. And I love that The Independent Spirit Awards do not put limits on the speeches. The only thing more uncomfortable than a long speech is a long speech being cut off because it’s too long. (lol) Both very good shows this year.

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