Pinterest Icon to go with Knitted Icon Bundle

March 28, 2012

Yet another addition to the Knitted Icon Bundle. Pinterest! (Thank you, Jenifer, for the suggestion!)

Here are all of the social media buttons that come in the download:

Download for FREE and share the banner on your site!!


UPDATE: Knitted icon live on The Test Knitter site. Follow link to download HERE!

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17 comments on “Pinterest Icon to go with Knitted Icon Bundle

  1. Haydn Ting says:

    I just download. I want to use this for my site, can I? These icons are total awesome!

  2. iknit2purl2 says:

    Thank you so much for designing & sharing these! I love them!!!

  3. Jenifer says:

    popping back in to say THANK YOU so much! I’m adding them in! :)

  4. I’ve just used your cute icons on my blog. I will share your web page URL within a few days. Thank you very much.

    The result:

    Please, make one for Google Mail. Thanks a lot!!!!

  5. Lydia Lee says:

    I’m so thrilled!! You are all very welcome and Estela, your handmade items are so pretty!! I will make one for Google Mail this week. :)

  6. rebecca says:

    Hi! Just wanted to say I love your knit icons. Here is a link to my post where I used one Thanks!

  7. Lydia Lee says:

    Awesome! Thank you for sharing, Rebecca!! :)

  8. These icons are wonderful. I’m a crocheter but these icons can really be universal. I would love to have an Etsy one. Is there one available? Here’s a link to my fabulous new icons.!contact/c24vq

  9. Lydia Lee says:

    Oh wow! They really pop on the black background, don’t they?

    I’m working on the Etsy icon and will have it up today. Thank you, Rebecca!!

    Maybe it’s time for some crocheted icons, too. :o

    1. Thanks Lydia! You are wonderful!!!!!

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