Our Parisian Vacation, part 1

June 28, 2012

A week before we left for France nothing was happening. The phone was quiet; email relatively quiet. News was breaking on some things I’d been covering at the other blog, but I had fallen into a general state of ennui waiting for a few things to fall into place. “We could just hop a flight to Paris,” Doug said one day, in a rather offhand way. So, we set out on a fairly impromptu trip to Paris, France–my first time doing most of the things we did, and my first time going during the month of June.

This is the prize photo, one of which started a lengthy argument in our Parisian hotel because I wanted to try getting us on the Eurostar for a day in London, but that’s a story for another time. We did get on the Eurostar for a day in London, but first thing’s first. Paris!

First day was actually spent recovering from all the travel, but we did get our Metro passes, navigated our way to the Eiffel Tower, and found a supermarket.

Day Two was spent, first, going to Cemetière du Père-Lachaise to snap off a picture or two. French graveyards are pretty cool, I must say, and I am in no way into graveyards. No way. But after this one, I found myself strangely drawn to yet another graveyard and wandered in before Doug expressed his disinterest in being there. (lol)

Jim Morrison’s graffiti-riddled crypt.

Oscar Wylde’s plexiglass enshrouded gravesite.

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  1. terence duff says:

    hey I hope you see St Denis it is a marvel of medieval architecture and see if you can get to Chartre Cathederal

  2. Lydia Lee says:

    We didn’t go that far north in Paris, and we did not get to see Chartes Cathedral, but I’ve got some lovely pictures of Notre-Dame de Paris, Château de Vincennes and Notre-Dame de Reims. Also, some coming of London Tower.

  3. Paul W says:

    Lydia- I admit I haven’t read your blog for awahile until today, but I love the Paris photos! I went there with my wife last May (it was her 1st time, my 2nd), and she LOVED it. Such a beautiful city to visit, especially with one’s paramour. Glad you got to London as well! It looks like a great time! Au revoir!

  4. Lydia Lee says:

    A GREAT time. Thank you, Paul!

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