Our Parisian Vacation, part 6

July 5, 2012

Day 3 at the Louvre–I love this painting.

I’ve never experienced a more romantic moment in my life.

After Louvre Palace, Doug and I hopped the Metro to the Arc de Triomphe (Arc de Triomphe de l’Étoile) and took a seat in a nearby park (see picture below). The fourth golden ring scam artist approached us–Doug spotting them instantly now and watching them brandish their solid gold-colored ring from already within their hand, it never coming from the ground at all!–as the rain began to form healthy dollops in the leaves above before plodding against my now brandished umbrella. We took a seat on a weathered bench to rest our backs and absorb the scene that is Place Charles de Gaulle.

We rose and went under the street, emerging beneath the arc to mingle with other tourists before hitting Champs-Élysées for a leisurely stroll.

The rain finally hit in a torrential downpour as Doug simultaneously pointed at a crêperie on a side street. Huddled under my umbrella, we ducked into the intimate eatery and ordered crêpes–the only patrons to a tall, slightly put-off-looking Frenchman, certainly disappointed by the lax customer turnout. We were in heaven, of course. Our delectable meal lasted long enough for the rain to subside.


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  1. terence duff says:

    By the way the figure seated behind Napoleon in David’s painting of the coronation is Pope PiusVII he was held under house arrrest by Napoleon and was to have crowned Napoleon at the last minute he took the crown and crowned himself. Pius VII geained much sympathy for opposing the french embargo on Britain and letting english ship use the Roamsn port and the Papal States were invaded. In 1805 or 1806 a concordat was made with Pius recognising the catholic faith as” the relgion of the majority off the french”

  2. Lydia Lee says:

    I did not know that!

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