Juliana Martinez’ Furniture Exhibit–some items are still for sale!!

July 9, 2012

I can never go on and on about Juliana Martinez enough. She is a brilliant artist and also a good friend. We had a blast hanging out with her at her Furniture Exhibit at Mel’s Drive-In on June 30th. It was an adventure beyond just the show, though!

(But first, if you are interested in any of the items you see, and you can pick it up, contact her about times and pricing!!–link to all items here, and contact here!)

It was a gorgeous day! Doug and I showed up a bit early to help her unload and organize, and I snapped off some pictures.

As Doug and I stood on the sidewalk, a woman approached me asking if I was a professional photographer. After a bit of back and forth she explained that her camera had died, and that the band she manages, D-Railed (in from St. Louis), was playing at the Viper Room. She handed us two tickets and asked if we could maybe drop in once they started and snap off a few pictures.

So, at about 6:30 we headed to the Viper Room on foot. As we approached The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Dennis Woodruff–a local celebrity–hailed us and instructed me to take a picture of him and his car.

He chatted us up for awhile, but soon we were off and D-Railed went on just as we entered the club.

We headed back to Mel’s.

A television and movie celebrity/fellow artist dropped in to say hi to Juliana and look at her pieces. It was an intimate moment between them so I did not interrupt it for a photo. Doug did grab a nice one of us, though.

I caught some nice nighttime shots after the sun went down.

We eventually bid Juliana, Nagy and other friends who’d gathered adieu. We stopped in quickly at the Pavilions on Santa Monica Boulevard and parked next to another local celebrity, Angelyne, as she was posing with a fan and his dog. I grabbed a picture of her car on the way out.


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