Our Parisian Vacation, part 10

July 12, 2012

Day 4 continued at the Dôme des Invalides…

Napoléon’s tomb from above.

Napoléon’s tomb from below.

A monument to Napoléon Bonaparte’s son, “The Kind of Rome”, also buried here.

Louis Lyautey’s tomb.

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  1. terence duff says:

    The history of Napoleon II is very said ;hje died at a young age in Austria with his mother the Emperor of Austria’s sister. He was always seen as a focus for Bonapartist intrigue and died I think in his teenage years; napoleon never saw himm again after his exie to St Helena. Napoleon III was his uncle ans is responsible for the Paris Opera and the wide boulevard, which by the way are not there just for beauty but to make any uprsing by the Parisiens hard in wider srteets

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