Go Getty it!

September 13, 2012

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile but I’m learning French and stuff. Also these pictures were taken with l’appareil-photo le plus merde (the crappiest camera), so do not judge me based upon the quality!!! I can’t be brilliant all the time. Well, I can but I choose not to.

DK and I went to The Getty off of the 405 Freeway and had a grand time.

He made me laugh by saying he thinks this picture is creepy. Really? A winged and naked baby trying to stab a woman in the heart with a sharp object? Definitely not creepy.

I want to eat this painting. Frosted covered wheat stacks, you say? Oh, haystacks. Yum!

Careful not to stare too long into my Irises.

“It’s the time, of the Cézanne for lo-ving!

Such strong little men. That would look so nice in my house if it fit.

“Oh Louis, Louis. Oh, no, no, n,o no, say
Oui gotta go.”

Look at that floor! When the zombie apocalypse comes, I’m living in the French furniture wing of The Getty!

“Wait! Why am I the only one being taken? Heathens!!”

I have some coming from LACMA (and not with l’appareil-photo le plus merde!). *wink, wink*

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4 comments on “Go Getty it!

  1. Lydia Lee says:

    You know I never once stopped to find out if there are any historical points of interest in T-town.

  2. DK says:

    When the zombies come I’m hiding out in the Japanese exhibit. You can come over for tea if I can visit you for coffee and apocalypse croissants.

  3. Lydia Lee says:

    Ooooh, yes! In fact, we can repurpose the entire museum to house our selection of friends!! Apocalypse croissants anyone??

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