LACMA, part 1

September 24, 2012

My friend ‘DK’ and I went to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and, naturally, had a blast. Here are some of the photos I snapped with my good camera. You can choose between some of my first-impression-names or the artists’. I think I am slightly more astute at pinpointing their obvious attributes, personally.

‘Wha’ choo lookin’ at!’

The Contortionist Dog, or “Tea”.

One Junkie and a Prostitute, or “Portrait of Sebastia Juñer Vidal”.

This looks like a gastrointestinal malfunction brought on by the beef nacho kind. That or an atomic crayon explosion.

All that is photographable of The Janice and Henri Lazarof Collection. Who do you think made that decision, Janice or Henri? Either way, ‘Thanks.’

“Oh Kan-din-sky, Oh Kan-din-sky, Thy lines are so unchanging. Oh Kan-din-sky, Oh Kan-din-sky, With colorful arranging.”

Gimme Some Money! or, “The Orator”.

The Naked Pixie? No, “Anger”.

‘That hat really goes well with your pubic hair, Mitzy.’

Finally, a name that fits. “Apocalyptic Landscape”.

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