LACMA, part 2

September 25, 2012

More from mine and DK’s day at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Flowers Tied to My Back, or “Flower Day (Día de Flores)”. Awww. Well, “Flower Day” does sounds much better.

DK really likes this one.

This one’s called, “Wilshire Boulevard Through LACMA’s Smudge-Stained Window”.

‘Um… some privacy please!’

‘The Mind-Numbing Routine of Chicken Soup’

DK unintentionally named this picture when he commented on the decorative wooden slats. “Oy, Cleaning Nightmare!”

‘Fear of Being Stared at Behind Glass’

Me to DK, “How do these masks make you feel?” DK, “[totally censored comment]!!”

‘This is not what I ordered!!’

Are you sure ceci n’est pas une pipe? It certainly looks like une pipe.

‘Somehow my bed and wall picture ended up on my face and some lady’s face on a candelabra type deal’. Or, “The Liberator”.

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