Window Art, part 3

October 10, 2012

Hazy day.

I just loved those overcast shots. They didn’t happen very often.

What a marketing angle, huh? Obviously this is an ad for The Tudors.

Select this one to make it slightly larger. I just love this lightning shot. If you think rain is rare in SoCal, lightning is an absolute phenomenon!

Shadow marveling at the world outside our old bedroom window.

My little prince.


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2 comments on “Window Art, part 3

  1. Dawson says:

    Sort’a bugs me the only time I see these streets anymore is when I slip on my drugstore black lazy-eye patch and pop Midnight Club II into the antique XBOX and cruise the canyon drive in pseudo-3D.

    @Lydia: Instead of splashing type all across your photos, can’t you come up with a DBA corner Logo the way TV channels do all-a-time?

    Also, I’m still waiting for that scrabble game board where you spell out all the Social Icon words but substitute in your icons for like the first letter in each criss-crossing word like tWITTER and fACEBOOK, eTC…

  2. Lydia Lee says:

    Yeah, I wasn’t sure about the Scrabble thing when you’d mentioned it before. :) I had tried to recreate the Scrabble alphabet, but that is way too time-consuming.

    I do put a DMBA logo on the skyline photographs, but I don’t like that the photos don’t point to my urls. Both have their advantages.

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